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The entryway of a home can sometimes be the very last place that people update when styling their home, but it shouldn’t be that way. The entryway sets the tone for how you want your home to feel on the inside. Do you want your home to be inviting? Yes!! Then take the time to spruce up your entrance and let people know that you want them to come visit you. It’s also for your enjoyment just as much as theirs. Make your entryway inviting, functional and nurturing for yourself as well so that  you can come home and breathe out your final work thoughts and unplug. I’ve been wanting to wallpaper a feature wall in my home and I have chosen my entryway to explore this avenue. It’s a pretty funky paper so hopefully it’s a fun conversation starter when people stop by. Today I’m just adding some entryways that bring me serenity. Next week I’ll post my finished entryway so you can see it go from drab to fab!!

Here are some my favorite designer’s no fuss entryways that make your home feel extremely welcoming. Design photo credits: Studio McGee/Becki Owens/Alice Lane Interiors/Amber Interiors

Jessica Sheehy