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Coveted Shoe Storage

Typically shoe storage is an afterthought for most people. Living in a mountain town though calls for a large variety of footwear to accommodate all the seasons we encounter at our elevation. When I work with my clients this can be a big trouble area for people, especially families on the go. There are many clever ways to corral your shoes and boots without having them encroach into your Living Room or Kitchen.

Ideally I would store most everyday shoes in each person’s bedroom and leave snow boots, athletic boots and shoes for the entryway/mudroom/ or even garage.

Maybe you too need a little “refresh” of your closets to eek out more storage space for your home. Call us at Simplify and we work work our magic on your storage capabilities.

These before pictures are definitely the reality of shoe storage as an afterthought.



After:  My ultimate shoe storage closet; this design is perfection reincarnate

Martha Stewart’s answer to closet Organization:

A practical way to store shoes without taking up valuable closet space. This is an Ikea platform bed with drawer storage.

Jessica Sheehy