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Meeting Janet transformed my life! I am a busy mom and business owner and had a list of house to-dos that just weren’t getting done. Within a short amount of time, Janet understood my needs, my likes and dislikes, and how to help me get organized at home. Her compassionate, non-judgmental, and fun approach was very comforting and quickly helped us get to work and make big accomplishments. From creating a gallery wall to rearranging furniture to offering fresh ideas for economical house updates to organizing closets and redefining a messy hallway into functional space - her talent is endless. Most importantly, I now have less stress thinking about my to-do list and can spend my time on the things I want to!
— Amy Baillot, Jackson WY
I can’t overstate how important Janet is to us. For the past 3 years, Janet has been a key part of the team that has allowed my husband and me to travel to Jackson Hole, set up a household and offices in vacation rental homes, and spend 2 months in the Valley, living much as locals. I can’t overstate how important Janet is to us, and how much we appreciate her. She moves us in and out of 2 town homes (in the Aspens), taking care of all details with Black Diamond Moving/Storage and my never-ending list of requests. I am a lawyer and demand complete attention to details - Janet never fails me. And, she is 110% reliable. She is also amazingly strong, which is helpful when dealing with furniture, boxes and assorted household things. And, she has an array of skills. Her attitude is always A+, which also makes the “mini-moves” so much more acceptable. I would recommend her extremely highly to anyone who needs help with organizing their life.
— N. Williams, Washington DC
We felt it was a huge time saver. I cannot say enough about Janet’s abilities with keeping me sane as well as organized during our move. Moving is so stressful- especially with children- and Janet was an angel. Not only did she help me pack and unpack our items efficiently and safely, but at the same time organized our things in wonderful new ways . We felt it was a huge time saver. In no time, my family felt comfortable in our new home. I am looking forward to my next move knowing she is there to help.
— Kati Fini
Janet organized my home while my husband was away on a ‘boys’ trip! We had a weeks time and kids to work around. We organized, down-sized, got set for a garage sale and even re-styled the house. Janet was very efficient and we got most of my must have’s done by the end of the week. It was a crunch but we got it done right before my husband came home. He loved the new edited look of our home.
— Jen B
As a man I never thought that I would hire an organizer to help me with my place. After 10 yrs of living in a small space and saving things it was time to downsize and I needed direction on how to get started. Janet helped me to focus on one project at a time as well as one room at a time so that I didn’t get overwhelmed. My place feels completely different after our 2 day marathon. So organized, un-crowded, clean and efficient. I can’t recommend her help enough.
— Timothy K
After living abroad, we moved to Jackson into a home we planned to remodel. Janet tackled the task of organizing our belongings into everyday useful spaces and temporary storage with ease, humor, and speed. I felt “settled” into our new home more quickly as she brought order out of chaos. I highly recommend Janet!
— Susan Piper-Bailey
We live in a small space with a large family so this project had its challenges, but Janet definitely rose to the occasion. All her ideas & selections were unique, thoughtful and truly innovative. She has a brilliant way of putting colors and textures together that I wouldn’t have thought to do on my own.

Simplify will offer ideas and suggestions that mold with your personality and individual needs. I hired Simplify in 2012 to help refresh and organize our home. I truly enjoyed working with Janet and look forward to working on future projects with her.
— Melinda Duquette