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just let it go….

One of my all time favorite things to collect are books. I love everything about books. The way they look, how they can transport you to an entirely different place and how they personalize a home’s decor. Downsizing books isn’t something that I do frequently. I recently got rid of a big bookshelf that I’ve owned for years so I had to make a choice. Hang onto books for the sake of “loving books” or downsize to the books that I truly cherish and use. I am proud and impressed with my editing skills concerning this particular stack of books. I hadn’t used these books in the last few years so I knew that I didn’t truly need them. There is a cost to owning possessions in your life. The cost of displaying it, cleaning it, storing it for years, moving it over and over again. Sometimes you just have to let it go…

Jessica Sheehy